Ian (arcana_sai) wrote,

tunnel light


"Ian, I think I've decided that I want to be a teacher"

"YAY", says I. And for reasons a' plenty. Inside each of us lies a gift, an "inner sense", if you will, that waits to be unraveled as our years in this cycle march to complete the circle of life. For some, it is the ability to reason above and beyond the margins of those around them. Others vision tranquility when there seems to be none in sight. Others seek to aid those around them, and for no other reason than to simply help. Some are born to teach, some are born to listen, and others are born to just destroy all around them. For those who have found this inner gift, I applaud your efforts at pure understanding, and wish you many years of peace in doing so. (Unless you're planning to destroy all around ye, of course. Then myself and Louisville will have to play thee a visit)

For the one and only Kelli, I believe ye are one step closer to finding that inside yourself. Never fail to search for it, and never will I fail to guide ye along the way.

May your guardian spirits be with you always ...
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